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Younan: Christian zionism is heresy

Munib A. Younan, bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan (and Palestine), says Christian Zionism is heresy and misinterprets Christ and the gospel.

In an interview with a Danish newspaper, Younan said Christian Zionism promotes Christ not as Savior but as a military general, readying his forces for a huge battle, Armageddon. "The true Christ is the Christ of the cross and the open tomb, bringing hope, peace, reconciliation and new life," he said.

Christian Zionists pretend to love the Jewish people, Younan said, but are actually anti-Jewish in their teachings. "The Jewish people are simply characters in the Christian Zionist heresy and in the so-called final battle," he said. "[This teaching says] two-thirds of the Jewish people will be destroyed because they don't believe in Christ, while the other one-third will be converted to Christ.

"Christian Zionism is anti-peace and anti-reconciliation. The teachings are racist, calling for the transfer of Palestinians out of this land."

Adherents to Christian Zionism can be found in every church body, including Lutheran, Younan says. His hope is to alert all Christians everywhere to its dangers and false teachings.


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