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Thomas Robertson, Navy, Gustavus Adolphus, St. Paul, Minn.

I'm not in the military to take life. I'm in the military to protect the lives of those who can't protect themselves. Unfortunately, when protecting, lives have been lost. Throughout the Lutheran church's history, it has been imperative for the church to support government positions, such as police and military, when those institutions are used to protect and serve the people. I believe God blesses me in my career choice.

When I'm out at sea, there are times of extreme loneliness. The sea is so wide, so big, so dark, so vast. It is then I need to know God is with me. Even though a person may seem isolated from the rest of the world, we are never alone. I may find myself in an "out of control" situation without a favorable outcome, but no one can take away my inner calm and peace. I know God is ultimately in control of my soul, and I couldn't do this without a belief that God watches over my family. I constantly worry about them.

The best thing an ELCA congregation can do for me is to give my family the support and love they need. It's important to me to know that they will be welcomed as they are, for who they are.


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