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Michael Meyers, active Army Reserves, Epiphany, Pickerington, Ohio

My faith affects the example I set for members of my unit who are new to the military and unsure of themselves both in living their faith and being deployed. Because of my faith, I know my family will be taken care of in my absence.

Learning to pray when I was a young child has proven good to me. Knowing that I can ask God to watch over my family is important. ... There are things I have absolutely no control over. The training I've been given and the counseling and care my family has received help us know that the unknowns aren't necessarily to be feared.

We'd really appreciate it if [my congregation] could take some of the load off my wife. It would help if they could take time to listen to my family's concerns and help with small stuff like checking things around the house. I'm not there to check the furnace filter, make sure the cars are maintained or help with other tasks. Dropping off a meal one night a week, or even helping get the kids to their weekly activities, would be great.


Michael Myers

Michael Myers

Posted at 1:28 pm (U.S. Eastern) 7/18/2008


I'm Michael Myers, the subject of the article... I thought you might want to know.. the baton has been passed.. my daughter is now in the Army, active duty, and is being deployed to Iraq. Our life has dramatically changed in the years since this article was published. There aren't too many 2 generation families in the same war.


Michael Myers

Pickerington, OH

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