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Not part of God's intention

The traditional answer of the Christian community — based on Scripture's uniformly negative references to homosexuality — has been: "No, homosexuality is not part of God's intention for creation."

Some people now challenge this. They argue that homosexual behavior can and should be considered another expression of God's creation. Key to this reappraisal is the view that homosexuality is understood differently today than in Bible times and that science has shown it to be as healthy, normal and life-giving as heterosexual expression. Therefore, it's argued, the church should revise its teaching.

Admittedly, the church needs to pay attention to human experience and reason in arriving at ethical positions. But in doing so it must be acknowledged that scientific research can't finally answer a theological question. As a research psychologist, I've reviewed research in the field of homosexuality to judge for myself the claims that homosexual behavior can be viewed as healthy and equal to heterosexuality.

What I find is unconvincing at best. I find that several false or debatable assumptions concerning what science has found are being adopted as true. Here are three such assumptions:

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