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Division for Church in Society board Feb. 20-22, Chicago

Recommended to the Church Council the proposed social statement "Caring for Health: A Shared Endeavor" for adoption by the 2003 Churchwide Assembly.
Approved the task force membership for the social statement on education, asking staff to consider adding one student and one parent of students at a public school in an economically deprived neighborhood.
Directed the staff to prepare a draft message on terrorism for consideration at its October meeting.
Commended former Illinois Gov. George H. Ryan for commuting to life in prison without parole the sentences of all prisoners on death row.

Commission for Multicultural Ministries steering committee Feb. 21-22, Chicago

Urged all synods and congregations to observe a race-relations Sunday beginning in 2004.
Requested that the Office of the Presiding Bishop consider a moratorium on the reduction of budget and spending authorization for the commission.

Division for Congregational Ministries board Feb. 21-22, Chicago

Discussed the final draft of the proposed ELCA evangelism strategy, which goes to the Church Council and the 2003 Churchwide Assembly.
Heard that more than 36,000 youth and adults from 2,300 congregations have registered for the 2003 ELCA Youth Gatherings in Atlanta.
Affirmed its commitment to raising $25 million annually for the ELCA World Hunger Appeal.
Asked staff to pursue with the Office of the Secretary changing congregational report forms to request more comprehensive information about ethnic-specific ministries and their leaders.

Board of Pensions trustees Feb. 28-March 2, Minneapolis

Approved a Pension Equity Report and directed it be forwarded to the ELCA Church Council. Prepared by Board of Pensions staff at the request of the 2001 Churchwide Assembly, the report concludes that the pension plan isn't the place to address what is really a clergy compensation issue. It also acknowledges the serious concern about inadequate compensation and pensions raised at Churchwide Assembly.
Heard that the Special Needs Retirement Fund pays medical premiums for 12 retirees in the ELCA Medicare Supplement Plan and provides pension supplements to 45 pastors and surviving spouses for an average annual supplement of $2,570 per year.
Discussed a delay and cost overruns on the enrollment and eligibility system that will replace an outdated data system for its pension benefits plan. An update is due in April.


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