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Sexuality task force hears from panels

Two groups offer positions against and in favor of changing ELCA policy

“I have great concern that the vast majority of this church is choosing not to be involved in this work,” ELCA presiding bishop Mark Hanson told the ELCA sexuality task force at its third meeting, Feb. 7-9, in Chicago.

Hanson asked the task force to “find a way to make sure this church is a steward of this shared task. Take the moment, as uncomfortable as it may be. …My prayer is that we come to 2005 and say where we are in the church, given that we’re not all of one mind.”

At its meeting, the task force met for two hours each with two groups: “stand-fast” representatives of those who support current ELCA policies which prohibit ordination of non-celibate gays and make no allowance for blessings of same-sex unions, and “full inclusion” representatives of those who desire fuller inclusion of gay and lesbian members in the life of the church as well as the ELCA’s ministry rosters.

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