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What's so funny about church? Plenty!

April is a fun month. Come April 1, it's really OK to play a practical joke on your friend. On Easter, alleluia returns to our vocabulary. And in most places, spring is breaking forth, fanning our hope.

In this world of much sadness, hope can't come often enough. Sometimes hope travels on the wings of laughter or, at the very least, a smile. The catalyst might be a TV sitcom, a good joke or even your favorite periodical.

It could even be The Lutheran's "Light Side" page. On page 4 our foibles — whether a typo in the bulletin or a children's sermon gone awry — carve us into community and lend us some levity. And we must also give thanks for those who spend their days searching for humor so they can sketch their observations late into the night — and deliver them to us. Their humor lands on our refrigerators, bulletin boards or office cubicles. They are the cartoonists.

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