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The Greatest King

Yu Ching and Mike G. Onghai know how to grab a child's attention in The Greatest King (Web Cartoons, 2002). Their story follows an arrogant prince whose father sends him on a journey to find the greatest king. They use a fast-paced story and lively illustrations to get their message across: Jesus is a real and humble hero.

To grab the attention of today's youth, these first-time authors wanted to draw on the resurgence of comic-book heroes like Spiderman and Superman. This is a perfect format for youth ages 6 to 9. The book is filled with characters from childhood fantasies--a gargantuan troll king with amazing strength, an elfin king with a wizard's powers, and a pudgy king who loves to entertain.

The art is a perfect match for the book's comic-book tone. The colors are bright and bold--they convey action. The artwork will make people think of Disney animated movies. In fact, Ching is a Los Angeles-based animator who worked on Mulan and Fantasia 2000.

The best thing about this book is that the message doesn't get lost in its fast-paced style. Everything complements the message, and youth are sure to remember who can be called the greatest king.

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