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Tenn. youth use drama to tell Passion story

Members of Our Savior Lutheran, Gatlinburg, Tenn., traveled through their church to learn about the last week of Jesus' life. Their tour was part of the Lenten Fair put on by the congregation's youth.

"Each room of the facility presented a part of the story in skit form. ... It was a progressive, walk-through drama in which guests went from room to room to experience the story as the kids acted it out," says Lisa Lawhead, director of the church's Wednesday night program, Spirit Fest. "It was not only a lot of fun but educational and reminded us of the sacrifice that Jesus made for us."

The fair was based on Mark 14-15. Here's how it worked.

Room 1: Meet Mark as he introduces you to the story of Jesus' arrest, death and resurrection beneath the "Story Telling Tree." See the woman anointing Jesus' feet (14:12-13).

Room 2: Witness the disciples as they gather for the Last Supper (14:12-31).

Room 3: Experience the despair as Jesus prays while his disciples sleep (14:32-46).

Room 4: Hear how the high priest felt. Experience the sadness of Peter's denial of Christ to the servant woman (14:60-72).

After people visited room 4, they were invited to enjoy the traditional foods of the Seder meal in an open-house fashion. They then went into the sanctuary for the final skit.

Room 5: Darkness, death and the Resurrection (15:22-39).

The evening ended with the youth and adult choirs singing How Great Thou Art.


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