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Resurrection living

Carry the good news, day by day

In her book of poetry, Rest Your Dreams on a Little Twig (Sorin Books, 2003), Joyce Rupp writes about how nature has been a teacher to her. She finds hints of resurrection in a green shoot growing out of an old tree stump and the awakening of plants beneath the soil frozen hard during winter. We, too, are heartened by such signs of new life. We always stop and salute any flower that manages to grow out of the concrete city sidewalk.

Such springtime rebirths have particular meaning to us as Christians, in reference to Jesus' death and resurrection. One of the challenges of Lent and the Easter season is to find in the world around us intimations of the transformations that are afoot in our lives. As God's loyal sons and daughters, Jesus' resurrection is our core belief — and the touchstone for a crucial spiritual practice.

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