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New life amid dark times

My womb reminds me of God's presence

Although you'll read this in May, I'm writing during Lent — as our country is at war with Iraq. It's truly a time of thoughtful introspection and a time to listen for the quiet voice of God.

What is God saying to us? These days are full of questions, fears and the unknown. Our economy is faltering. People are scared. It's easy to ask, "Where is God? Has God forsaken us? Where is the quiet voice of God?"

I have a unique perspective — a very present reminder that God is with me every day. I feel God's presence in each movement of the miracle growing in my womb. I marvel at the power God has given me to grow and nourish this tiny human soul. I rejoice in the chance to bring forth new life. Yet even with this constant reminder, I'm scared.

What kind of world will this little one enter? I also worry about the mother in Iraq, growing a miracle inside her womb, waiting for her world to collapse. Will there be a world in which to bring this new life? Where are the faithful? Are we listening to God, or are we just too noisy to hear God's quiet voice?

The demands of nourishing a new life often make it necessary to be still and listen. In the quiet of the night, as my baby dances in my womb, I am still and listen.

The messages aren't always clear. The life inside me will be ready to enter the world in mid-April. I pray for health and safe passage for this new life. I pray for mothers worldwide who take this journey with me. I remember God's promise to be with me always.

No, God doesn't speak to me in word. The voice is silent. But as I feel my child move, I receive hope and reassurance of God's loving presence. I have hope that the world this tiny miracle enters is made whole again through God's love.

Let's remember the message of Easter: God is with us, God will not forsake us. God is the maker of miracles and new life. During this dark time, may we all listen for God's voice and believe that God's loving promise of new life will greet us all these 50 days of Easter.


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