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From the bookshelf: Guest reviewer

Prince Caspian is not like most boys. The fact that he's a prince is already special, but his father died when he was very small. Now he lives with an uncle who tells him lies and who wants him out of the way for good so he can rule the kingdom.

When his nurse is fired for telling him stories about a far-off land called Narnia, he receives a tutor, who really is a half dwarf in disguise. Professor Cornelius reveals that the stories his nurse told are true and that his uncle wants to kill him.

Caspian flees and finds strange creatures, talking animals, werewolves, hags and four human children from our world — Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy — who are high queens and kings from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. During his travels, and from unexpected sources, Caspian learns about trust, faith, courage and forgiveness.

Prince Caspian is the fourth book in "The Chronicles of Narnia" by C.S. Lewis. The author said he was, as a child, inspired by the Bible, and so placed many of its themes into his children's books.

These books are great for anyone, whether you like action, drama, fantasy or humor. I like to read about kids my age going on all sorts of adventures, and that's why I enjoy this particular series.


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