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In praise of ritual

Here's to bowing and bending, bells and candles, chasubles and crossing oneself'

Bryan "Judge" Keller is in his 80s now. He was a familiar sight along the main street of Clemson, S.C. He always wore a shirt and tie and a hat. Never a cap. Always a hat.

Whenever he met a woman, be she a college coed or a woman his age, he'd tip his hat and say, "How do you do, ma'am?" I suppose no one but Judge Keller does that anymore. Alas.

Gestures are a type of speech. Show me the gestures a person performs, and I'll tell you the kind of world that person has created for herself or himself. Those who tip their hats or smile at strangers have created quite a different world than those who shake their fists and honk their car horns.

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