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Interim reflection, dreaming and action

Trained intentional interim pastors help congregations examine five areas. These are based on the developmental tasks of interim ministry listed in Critical Moment of Ministry: A Change of Pastors by Loren B. Mead (Alban Institute, 1986).

1. Look back

Who were we in the past? What were some of the defining moments of our ministry? What do we miss? What are we glad is gone?

2. Who are we now?

How has our community and ministry setting changed? Who do we want to become? What new ministries do we want to embrace?

3. We're not alone

What resources do our synod and the ELCA have to offer us? How can we increase our mutual ministry with the church-at-large?

4. Who's on first? What's on second?

Who will do what in the new mission plan? Are the talents of each leader being used effectively where they are currently serving? Do leaders want to change positions or stretch by doing something new?

5. Focus on the future

Give a healthy goodbye to the interim pastor and a well-planned welcome for the new settled pastor. Move ahead into a well-defined future.


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