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The gifts of Christmas

Youth share the true meaning of the season

It's time to reach into our gift bag of ideas. Here's how some youth shared the Christmas message with others.

Sunday schoolers at Mount Calvary Lutheran Church, Boulder, Colo., presented The Special Gift, a musical about a little girl searching for the gift her mother told her about, a present she can't see.

Toy soldiers, stuffed animals, ballerina dolls and a toy train all try to convince the girl they are the present. But they all discover that Jesus is that special gift.

The youth pageant at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Falls Church, Va., also had a special message. To help members remember God's promise, a rainbow with lights was hung over the Nativity scene.

At Ascension Lutheran Church, Green Bay, Wis., the youth gave the gift of time along with their message. They took charge of the Christmas pageant by writing the program and designing the set. They painted the Bethlehem scene on three four-by-eight plaster boards.

Youth at St. John Lutheran Church, Kailua, Hawaii, shared their gift of singing carols with shoppers at the local grocery store. They also took turns ringing the Salvation Army bell.

You can share your Christmas ideas with our readers too. Send stories and photos to Andrea Pohlmann, The Lutheran, 8765 W. Higgins Rd., Chicago, IL 60631-4183.


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