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December 1998 Churchscan

  • Remembering and celebrating its Danish roots that date back to 1734, Lord God of Sabaoth Evangelical Lutheran, Christiansted, U.S. Virgin Islands, received the bishop of Copenhagen at the church's rededication following renovations. Bishop Erik Norman Svendsen delivered the sermon at the service, attended by Caribbean Synod Bishop Francisco Sosa, Virgin Islands Gov. Roy Schneider and the delegate to the U.S. Congress Donna Christian-Green. In addition to bringing greetings from the church's mother country, Svendsen presented the congregation with $8,000 for the ongoing renovations.

  • Members of Hosanna Lutheran Church, Grand Rapids, Ohio, had no cold feet when it came to helping children who needed winter footgear. They set up a "Boot-'em-up, Sock-it-to-me" Christmas tree in the narthex. Over the season parishioners decorated the limbs with warm socks and underneath placed boots (with the receipt inside, in case they needed to be exchanged).

  • Kate Shindle, Miss America 1998, and Stephanie Ann Klett, Miss Wisconsin 1993, spoke at the Seventh Annual Aids Memorial Service at Hope Lutheran Church, Hollywood, Calif. Both pageant winners are using their fame to advance AIDS/HIV prevention, awareness, research and patient care.

  • Nickels, dimes, quarters and an occasional dollar bill added up big for the Sunday school children of Trinity Lutheran Church, Alameda, Calif. The children took home collection boxes and raised $400, which will be used to buy a water buffalo for an Asian family and a llama for a South American family through the Heifer Project International.

  • Partly for fun but mostly to show solidarity with victims of the 1997 Red River flood, youth of Christ the King Lutheran Church, Delafield, Wis., held an underwater "Monopoly Marathon" fund-raiser. Youth played a specially built game-board in a swimming pool and raised more than $1,500. Half went to Oak Grove Lutheran High School, Fargo, N.D., and half to ELCA Domestic Disaster Response.

  • Strengthening the relationship with its Russian sister congregation, a delegation from Grace Lutheran, Bellevue, Wash., visited St. Petersburg and presented the church there-St. Peter, naturally-with a banner that reads "Blessed Be the Tie That Binds" in Russian. The Americans visited St. Peter and St. Paul Cathedral for worship in English, German, Russian and sign language.

  • Silver shovels just wouldn't do for the ground-breaking ceremony Faith Lutheran Church, Garner, Iowa, had in mind for its addition and renovation project. They wanted it to symbolize Faith as a church rooted in the soil whose members pulled together. They finally broke ground-with a hand plow pulled by the council and building committee: three tugs for the triune God.

  • Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, Canton, Ohio, found a novel way to help children celebrate the Noah's Ark theme on rally day. It brought in live animals from a petting zoo-and even two penguins from Sea World. The church topped it off with a Noah Ark-inspired dessert-animal cookies and rainbow sherbet.

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