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Youth in action

Youth are artistic, helpful, polite and more. In the "Youngchurch" files, we found some ways youth practice these traits at church.

• Living Word Lutheran Church, Roslyn, Pa.: Member Susann Neavil shares her hobby with the youth. The Word Alive Miniature Club meets once a month to work on a project and on a group dollhouse. They've made a miniature, skirted table with a potted plant and a teddy bear's picnic. The club was featured in Miniature Collector Magazine.

• United Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Milberger, Kan.: The Kans for Kids Fighting Cancer Foundation presented a plaque of appreciation to the youth for their years of support. Last year the Bible school recycled $143.10 worth of aluminum cans. Along with special offerings and a grant, they presented $1,344.20 to Kans for Kids.

• St. Paul Lutheran Church, Farmers Branch, Texas: Each summer youth go on a "Mystery Ramble" for learning, leisure and serving. Only the youth leaders know where they are going. The parents don't even know. Last year the kids went to Louisiana and Texas. In Scurry, Texas, they visited with Gray's Prairie Mennonite Church to learn about their way of life. In San Marcos, Texas, they painted a house for their servant project.

• Augsburg Evangelical Lutheran Church, Toledo, Ohio: Children were enrolled in the Respect Program, which teaches children how to respect themselves and others. They learned about good manners and treating all people with kindness and love. Projects included making cards for the elderly, treating nursing home residents to an ice-cream social, appearing in a fashion show to learn about poise and a positive attitude, and dining at a fancy restaurant to learn proper etiquette and table manners.


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