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Call the office ...

Church door requests get forgotten

In the bulletin, our pastors asked people to inform them of their needs and concerns during office hours rather than at the door following worship. Won't this turn off members and visitors?

I wish I could remember everything worshipers tell me as they shake hands on Sunday morning. But I can't, and my memory is going south more quickly than I'd like. So when people tell me important things — that they're going into the hospital, for example — I ask them to call my secretary or me as soon as they can.

When is the right time to fight evil as a person and as a country?
It's always the right time to fight evil. The trick is to be able to discern what is, in fact, evil and how it can be overcome in a way that doesn't involve us in a greater evil by using the methods of the evil one himself. When deciding this, it helps to remember that the devil is a liar and murderer.

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