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4-step cure

Psychologist Jessie O'Neill suggests a four-step cure for affluenza.

1. Decide with much thought and prayer how much is "enough." This is an individual process. Different people and families arrive at different conclusions. "With insight into the crippling effects that money can have on us, we can create our own structure and use money in more appropriate ways," O'Neill says.

2.Give. Once you've determined how much is enough, decide how to use what's left to benefit humanity instead of acquiring luxuries.

3. Instill in children and adults the ability to delay gratification. Parents may be crushing this essential skill every time they give in to their child's begging for a new toy or new clothes.

4.  Actively seek things that make life truly rich. Instead of pursuing money and possessions, seek relationships and the fulfillment that comes from meeting other's needs.


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