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Your June letters section was titled "Can we talk about sexuality?" I am thankful the ELCA is a church body in which we can talk about sexuality. The Lutheran's many articles have presented a variety of perspectives. I felt that we'd never resolve this important issue without destroying the unity among us — until I read "Since You Asked" (June, page 31). Wayne Weissenbuehler stated a principle of biblical interpretation that should remain central to every ELCA sexuality discussion. His statements made Christ's life, teachings and relationships to people the core of our deliberation rather than taking "isolated passages of our choosing as the starting place for how we react to people who are homosexual or how we are to understand and live out our sexuality."

Harold Schmidt
Valley, Neb.

It seems certain that, however the sexuality matter is decided, grievous damage will have been done to a pretty good denomination. It is, after all, a peripheral matter. One would wish that if the ELCA is to lay down its life over an issue, it would be something central, like the interpretation of the gospel, the real presence in the sacrament, war and peace, or social justice.

Bud Klippen
Big Pine Key, Fla.

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