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Healing the world

The Lutheran World Federation Assembly takes on a world of hurt and changes its name

For the Healing of the World" was the theme for the Lutheran World Federation 10th Assembly in Winnipeg, Canada, July 21-31 (www.lwf-assembly.org), which elected ELCA Presiding Bishop Mark S. Hanson its president.

But naming the world's many and grievous wounds garnered greater attention than signs of God's healing power during the tightly scheduled event attended by about 821 participants, including 379 voting delegates from 136 LWF member churches in 73 countries.

In heartrending drama, video and song, morning Bible studies cried out for God's justice and mercy for those suffering from hunger, poverty, economic globalization, AIDS, war, disease, violence (especially toward women and children), social exclusion, oppression, discrimination, environmental destruction and the crushing load of international debt. Participants then met in 10 "village groups" to examine these wounds in light of the church's healing ministries.

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