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Avoid the transition blues

David Lippitt knows about moving and transitions. He and his wife, Linda, moved from Minneapolis (where they had lived 18 years) to Florida two years ago, leaving behind their adult children. An ELCA pastor, Lippitt is a marriage and family therapist and serves as director of counseling and community outreach services at Lutheran Counseling Services, Winter Park, Fla. He says such transitions are really difficult but offers some tips to smooth the way:

• Find a community and participate in it. A congregation can provide "built-in family." Worship together.

• Really focus on your marriage. Take time for each other.

• Communicate. If you're empty-nesters, learn how to talk with each other again — not about the children or the job. Absolutely don't focus your conversation on your job. Talk about what you like about the relationship — and about things that have to do with intimacy.

• See the sights together and explore your new location.


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