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Can you dig it?

Rally day has kids looking for artifacts

Kids + dirt + digging = a lot of fun. That's how rally day in 2002 added up for Faith Community Lutheran Church, Longmont, Colo.

Faith took advantage of its building project last year by letting its Sunday school students play and learn in the dirt near the church. An archeological dig fit with the Sunday school theme "Solomon Builds a Temple for God" (2 Chronicles 7:15-16). The day launched a four-week study of King Solomon.

Rally day began with the 134 participants gathered in the sanctuary. The kids were split into two groups, with each following their dig guides (high school students and teachers) through two stations during the Sunday school hour.

For the first station, teachers transformed a downstairs hallway into the inside of an airplane. There flight attendants (teachers) demonstrated the safety instructions for the dig, given with a direct tie-in to God. Then the kids watched a five-minute in-flight movie about King Solomon, complete with complementary in-flight snacks.

After the flight, guides led the kids out to the dig. With the help of the construction crew and its bobcat tractor, artifacts that could have been left from Solomon's temple were buried in a safe location the previous week. The children found gold coins, beads, gold-painted Altoids boxes filled with jewels, spray-painted gold stones and other treasures.

One of the construction workers also built a partial wall of the temple from large, donated rocks he got from a nearby quarry. And a parishioner made screened sorting boxes to help the kids sift for the smaller artifacts.

"God answered so many prayers that day," said Nanette Goings, director of Christian education, "especially the prayer probably prayed most often throughout the previous week ... the weather was beautiful."


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