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The shepherd's story

I wonder how many believed them

Put yourself in the shepherds' place. Where would they find the special child? They had no star to guide them — that was for international guests. All they had was a double clue — "wrapped in bands of cloth, lying in a manger," a feed trough for animals. Can't you hear them trying to work out a plan as they trot toward Bethlehem?

"Where are we going to start?" one says. "Every house in Bethlehem keeps animals. Every one would have a feed trough."

"Yes, but we're looking for a successor to King David, so we can skip most of the ordinary houses," another says. "This child must be in the mayor's house. They've been entertaining the wealthiest visitors. They must have people sleeping everywhere."

What a reception they got when they knocked on the mayor's door at 1 in the morning, asking for the baby!

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