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Nurturing play

We hope the church plays and dances with all the children of the world

The Word became flesh and lived among us (John 1:14).

Children thrive in a church open to them and all the little ones Jesus loves. They need a church where they can live secure in Love Incarnate who dances with young and old. For, despite parents' and leaders' best intentions, the world isn't always safe for children. When wars come, money runs out or family members turn against one another, the children may bear the brunt of the pain. Children know in their bones when parents are in distress, and they take on the parents' wounds as their own. They bear in their unique bodies and souls the world's contempt for their race, their culture, their gender, their clan, their class. They are the ones most vulnerable to every famine, every epidemic, every disaster. And they feel this pain. Children can't defend themselves very well against loss or injustice.

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