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God's instrument

Tears stung my eyes and I blinked hard, expecting the message to melt from my computer screen: You are the answer to my prayers.

Me? Answering prayers like an instrument of God? I'd never felt so helpless as that day when we all were cut by the boss's thoughtless insults.

But one colleague, a woman I barely knew, carried the burden of his rantings this time. My e-mail to her was a feeble attempt to salve the wounds from the day's meeting.

My words were a small gesture, full of empathy, but powerless to change the situation. Yet they answered her prayers.

I marveled at her response and felt the fulfillment of her pleas trickle back. That my words became the answer to her prayers renewed my faith and wonder at God's power to enrich the lives of two people — through one simple e-mail.


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