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The Christmas Bird

From the Bookshelf

For a different take on the Nativity story, check out The Christmas Bird. Author Sallie Ketcham wrote this story to mark her daughter's first Christmas. She uses the legend of how the robin got its red breast to highlight the gift of kindness.

On the cold night when Jesus is born, the robin keeps him warm by fanning the fire with her wings. In the process, she is singed, becoming robin red-breast.

You can find other acts of kindness in the story too: the robin gets a special gift, and one shepherd gives Mary his cloak, while the others break their staves to fuel the fire.

The artwork complements the story. Moving through the book, the colors shift from cool to warm tones as the fire begins to blaze. The art is large, helping readers feel like they are in the stable too.

The Christmas Bird is a delightful book to add to your holiday reading. Order from Augsburg Fortress, Publishers (ISBN 0806638710; 800-328-4648; www.augsburgfortress.org.


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