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A letter to our readers

Thanks for your partnership in the gospel

We are honored to have been part of your lives and your life together in your congregations. You wrote postcards, e-mails and handwritten letters. You shared not only questions but also stories, concerns, disagreements and anguish — as well as sources of joy. Life together in community is always a challenge. How deeply you care about Christ and the church!

Some questions that seemed most perplexing needed only a brief response, right to the core. But seemingly simple, mundane questions often concealed complex, deep issues.

Many of you tell us about your favorite questions from the column. One of our favorites asked (with tongue in cheek): "Do we have to pray over leftovers?" Our response: "No, we get to pray over leftovers!" We are thankful we have leftovers and mindful of the needs of those who have no food at all.

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