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Singing joy

Peter Mayer's mom told her teenage musician son that he should write hymns. Mayer's response: "Mom, hymns aren't cool. Jimi Hendrix is cool."

Mayer, a member of Trinity Lutheran Church, Nashville, Tenn., still thinks Hendrix is cool, but he's also decided that it's OK to use his talents as singer, songwriter and guitarist to make Christian music.

With his brother Jim, a member of Gethsemane Lutheran Church, St. Louis, he recorded Sing Joy and Sing More Joy, two cassettes with original and traditional Christmas carols. All proceeds benefit Christians Linked in Mission, a ministry founded by their father, James Mayer, a Lutheran pastor.

"That first recording was a memorial for our dad," said Pete from a hotel room in Las Vegas, where he and his brother were on tour with Jimmy Buffet's Coral Reefers. "That was our way of carrying on what he started."

This year the duo recorded a collection of songs for a CD. The money raised will be divided between Christians Linked in Ministries and other ecumenical organizations.

"More than ever, this feels like the right thing to do," Mayer said. "My kids are 8 and 11, and I feel this is the time of my life to give back and to contribute to the church."

For information on Mayer's recordings, call (877) 548-3565 or visit www.petermayer.com. For information about Christians Linked in Mission, call (636) 464-9256 or visit www.clmission.org.


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