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A parish that rocks

Eric Bakken knocked on a lot of doors in Eyota, Minn., looking for members to join Peace Lutheran, a mission congregation. At one house he met a long-haired man wearing a heavy metal T-shirt who had just woken up at 5 p.m. Bakken thought he might be the local drug dealer and debated whether or not to leave.

Luckily for him — and for the new congregation — the ELCA pastor invited Henry Cluney and his wife to visit Peace.

If Cluney's name sounds familiar that's because he's a former member of Stiff Little Fingers — one of the most popular punk rock bands of the late 1970s and 1980s.

Nearly two years after joining Peace, Cluney has missed worship only once — when he went home to Ireland. And he has formed The Prodigals, which performs rock music for worship.

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