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Update: Music for worship

On the heels of his performance for 20,000 youth at the 2000 ELCA Youth Gathering, Jonathan Rundman (August 1997) released his fourth solo recording, Sound Theology.

This is Rundman's first intentionally Christian album. It spreads 52 tracks over two CDs, with musical styles ranging from Lutheran Book of Worship hymns to Americana to modern rock. The album can be enjoyed beginning-to-end or used one track a week (beginning with Advent) for individual or group study.

"I'm so inspired by the church year that I decided that's the way I wanted to structure it," he says. The album includes his notes about each track, as well as a reflection question based on the song or season.

For more information, contact Salt Lady Records at (708) 366-6347; e-mail saltlady@saltlady.com; www.saltlady.com.


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