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Assembly re-elects 'Lutheran' editor

With thanks to the Churchwide Assembly for the 95 percent vote for a second-term as The Lutheran's editor, David L. Miller (below) did what he said he enjoys most: He told a story.

He told of his time in New York, after Sept. 11, when he saw candles, thousands of candles, at Union Square, kept burning every night by a young woman. "She tended in us," he said, "the flickering flames of consolation, community and hope that the dawn from high would come — and not leave us to our own devices.

"At our best, we at The Lutheran seek to do something very much like this. Each month we select and hold up candles of Christ's life that God's Spirit has lit among us. ... We show ... Lutherans experiencing and expressing the incomprehensible love shining in the face of Jesus Christ."

Miller also noted that circulation has dropped significantly since 1988 and now — at less than 500,000 — The Lutheran enters less than half of ELCA households. "We need your help," he said, asking members to encourage congregations to subscribe.

He said congregations on group subscription plans are more generous supporters of their congregations and the broader ministry of the ELCA.


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