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Gay relationships a sin?

The dialogue continues

Whether my sinful desire is for too much money, the wrong sexual partner or revenge, and whether I was born with it or acquired it along the way, my need remains the same: forgiveness, healing and the hope of change in Jesus Christ. Although I like it when people tell me to celebrate my sin, it's not ultimately helpful--and definitely not what the church should be doing.

Peter J. Stadem
Blomkest, Minn.

In your news report on the ELCA Church Council (September), the lead paragraph makes no sense absent a shared understanding that, as of modern times, God no longer stands behind his variously stated warnings against sex outside the confines of a heterosexual marriage. God promises neither equal beginnings nor equal circumstances nor equal outcomes. Aside from grace and redemption, which are outright gifts, our lives come without entitlements, such as a fair chance at sexual expression, which God will fulfill.

Joe Hinrichs Jr.
Colorado Springs, Colo.

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