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'Mmmmm pie'

Contest finalists give thanks for food, animals and more

Tommy Brereton really likes pie. He thanks God for "giving us food! Especially pie." Tommy says he likes "everybody's pie."

And The Lutheran staff liked Tommy's "pie is good" card. His entry is among the finalists of the 2000 "Youngchurch" contest, where youth drew thank-you cards. Their answers were varied and fun. The are thankful for llamas, kindness, deer, my fingers, for making me, the color orange, snakes--and more.

The staff tried its best to select a representation of ideas from 646 entries. The 32 finalists will receive a "Youngchurch" beach ball globe. All entries will be sent to nursing homes as Thanksgiving cards.

We selected some artwork to share with you. The other finalists are:

Ian Agnew, 7, Emmanuel, Pottstown, Pa.; Brian Bates, 10, Grace, Bandera, Texas; Jeanette Bidne, 15, Trinity, Kiester, Minn.; Jessica Brandt, 8, Independence, Independence, Wis.; Tommy Brereton, 13, Bethlehem, Vinton, Iowa; Cody, 11, and Colby, 8, Broadwater; St. Paul, Accident, Md.; Nickolas Dekeyser, 7, St. Michael Christian School, Canton, Mich.

Damien Funk, 4, St. Paul/St. Luke, Staten Island, N.Y.; Laci Hanson, 11, Rose Valley, DesLacs, N.D; Anna Hatcher, 9, Salem, Jacobus, Pa.; Luke Haugen-Strand, 5, Gloria Dei, Duluth, Minn.; Lauren Hendrickson, 9, Bethel, Wahpeton, N.D. Walker Klingsporn, 7, St. Peter, Marble Falls, Texas; Samantha Larsen, 7, Troy, Troy, Idaho; Brandon Medore, 4, Trinity, Dover, N.J.; Zoe Rae Messer, 3, Mount Olive, Lake Havasu City, Ariz.

Cody Reed, 4, Immanuel, Elk Point, S.D.; Tyler Sayers, 9, Messiah, Knoxville, Tenn.; Alexandra Schulz, 11, Zion, Iowa City, Iowa; Michaela Smith, 4, St. Luke, Gilbertsville, Pa.; Rachel, 14, and Robin, 11, Smith, All Saints, Palatine, Ill.; and Caleb Whalen, 5, Grace, Rural Retreat, Va.


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