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Flights of faith: It's taking off

Americans love to fly home for the holidays. Mark Scott, pastor of Shades Valley Lutheran Church, Birmingham, Ala., knows that and more about the hopes and fears of the souls he had in mind when writing Flights of Faith: Meditations for Flyers (order from Magnolia Mansions Press).

"People pray more in airplanes than churches," Scott says. "I wanted to give them a way to find spiritual moments in the odd times of their lives."

How many people might be praying in the sky over America on any given moment? 60,000. That statistic is the basis for one of Scott's meditations. "All of these people and the ones who watch screens and computers are controlled and cared for by God," he reminds readers.

Scott, who doesn't fall into the "frequent flyer" category, says he's an observant flyer, which gave him insight for the 127 meditations. The book is available at some airports, including Atlanta and Chicago.

In the spirit of the season, here's an excerpt from the entry "Home for the Holidays": "There is no way of knowing what you will encounter when you arrive home for the holidays. Only one thing is certain — God's hope is alive in you and you can share that hope with others. That is what joy really means at this time of year."


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