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The joy of gold

Olympian Jennifer Brundage shouts with joy, joining her U.S. teammates in victory glee after they defeated their Japanese opponents 2-1 in the gold medal women's softball match Sept. 26 in Sydney, Australia. The third baseman coaches softball at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, where she attends Zion Lutheran Church. Two games earlier, her homer started the turnaround that gave the U.S. team its first win after dropping three games in a row. Her .281 batting average during the Olympics was the team best.

"Winning that gold medal and getting to share the moment with my teammates and family was my proudest moment," she says. Lori and Bill Brundage, her parents, and Matt, her brother, cheered from the stands. The family are members of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Irvine, Calif.

Amanda Adkins, a member of Peace Lutheran Church, Gahanna, Ohio, swam for the U.S. team and placed fifth in the 200-meter backstroke.


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