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What's at stake?

Different views on CCM remain

I read Lori Eickman's balanced appraisal ("CCM: What's at stake?," August). We Lutherans confuse others and ourselves. Instead of a theology of great clarity, we hold up paradoxes and contradictions. Now we are on the verge of treating the world to the rare spectacle of saving our most vigorous debate on an issue until after it's a done deal. Lewis Carroll would have loved it. How did we wind up in Wonderland? When we formed the ELCA, we pushed issues of ministry and ecclesiology aside. They would've gotten in the way of unity. Now they've come home to roost.

Greg Singleton
Chicago, Ill.

I was encouraged by Kenneth Storck's letter (August) and the news that the ELCA Church Council is exploring constitutional options for those who object to the historic episcopate. ELCA leadership and WordAlone leaders need to ask for forgiveness. It appears the ELCA is moving in this direction. What about WordAlone?

K. Fred Rist
Hammond, Wis.

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