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Jerry & Doris

They're back in Liberia fixing things

Some people can look at a music score and hear a symphony. Others can look at a recipe and taste the cake. Jerry Freeze can look at a pile of parts and see a washing machine. Give him a little time and you can do your laundry in it.

When Jerry and Doris Freeze were married, they agreed to seek God's guidance for their life together. One day his uncle, a missionary to Africa, asked him, "Why don't you consider the mission field? We need people who can fix things."

At the time, Jerry was doing industrial maintenance. He thought all missionaries were either pastors or nurses. But he and Doris prayed about it and offered their services. Four years later, just as his efforts to buy a modest business seemed frustrated, a call came from the mission board. So the Freezes packed up their family and landed at the Curran Hospital in Zorzor, a remote Liberian village.

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