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Where's Noah?

Pa. congregation builds an ark

Forget Mount Ararat. At St. Paul Lutheran Church, Biglerville, Pa., the ark landed in the fellowship hall.

St. Paul went for realism with its activity center for Bible school — men from the congregation built a wooden boat. The ark measures 24-by-8-by-9-foot. It came complete with a pond and live fish.

"I was so surprised to see the huge ark, and I wanted to go on it right away," said Mackenzie Jakobs, 6.

What did the youth learn?

* Michela Baily, 6, said, "I know that God loves me and I never need to be scared."

* Juliet Hulse, 9, who knew it was going to be "neat to do crafts" in the ark, said she learned that if "somebody tries to do something, let them do it and don't tell them they are going to fail."

* Shelby Grubesky, 6, learned that God never forgets his promises.

Leaders knew the program was a success when Logan Howell, 6, exclaimed, "I wish we had Bible school every night."

The ark stayed docked through rally day. As for the future, Donna Mountfort of St. Paul says, "No one wants to think about taking [the ark] down, although we know it has to be disassembled at some point. It has to be taken down board by board, nail by nail."


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