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Lutheran dies in TWA crash

Lutheran Douglas C. Dickey was among the 230 passengers who died when TWA Fligh t 800 exploded shortly after takeoff July 17.

Dickey and his wife, Deborah, a French teacher, were flying to Paris as chaperones for the 16 members of the Montoursville [Pa.] High School French club. The trip also marked their July 17 wedding anniversary.

A member of St. Luke Lutheran Church, Williamsport, Pa., Dickey had served as a council member and treasurer. His pastor, Charles W. Coates, said "Douglas will be greatly missed. He was an active leader, both in our city and county, where he worked with the United Way for 24 years."

Coates observed that "while Douglas and Deborah (a Roman Catholic) belonged to different congregations, they frequently attended each others' services."

The couple's children, Lauren, 8, and Shannon, 5, are currently being cared for by their grandparents Douglas and Clair Dickey, members of St. Michael Lutheran Church, Cogan Station, Pa. Tami Olexa, 27, Dickey's daughter from a previous marriage, lives in Philade lphia.

Lutheran support in this area where so many crash victims lived includes pastoral counseling. Memorial services were held at Bethany Lutheran, Montoursville; St. Paul Lutheran, Williamsport; and other churches.

Robert H. Logan, former pastor of Bethany, accompanied Montoursville families to New York after the crash. "It seemed as if time had stood still," he said. "Verbal communication was nearly impossible. I could only say, 'My heart is with you. I'm praying for you. ' "

A service was held at St. Francis Lutheran Church, San Francisco, for its former organist David Hogan. Our Saviour Lutheran Church, Naperville, Ill., conducted services for Pam Lychner and daughters Shannon and Katie. Lychner's husband is Lutheran.


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