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Choosing rightly

The Ten Commandments are laws of love

The peculiar mindset of our age advocates complete freedom for individual choices. In the 1960s it was called "free love." Today various phrases express this attitude: "If it feels good, do it"; "It's my choice and nobody else's"; or "It's a private matter." You've heard them all, and more. But independent, free choice simply doesn't exist — without consequences.

Ironically, one recent issue of choice focused upon the "right" to post the Ten Commandments in public places. The March 30, 2000, issue of USA Today carried a front-page headline, "Morality makes a stand: States move to allow public display of the Ten Commandments."

 Such politicizing of the Ten Commandments should give us pause as individuals seeking faithfully to live by them. The commandments aren't now, nor have they ever been, a political issue.

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