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Did Jesus eat his veggies or more

Blessed are the merciful, go vegetarian. That's how we should read Jesus' Sermon on the Mount, according to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. And that's why the organization created ads and billboards featuring Jesus with an orange-slice halo and the slogan, "Jesus Was a Vegetarian." PETA recently discontinued the ads when it discovered a Roman Catholic order was using the same image of Jesus.

Not to worry. Campaign coordinator Bruce Friedrich said PETA would soon be back with new ads. "We're simply asking that people extend compassion to all God's creatures by becoming vegetarians," he said.

The group's Web site (www.JesusVeg.com) explains why PETA says Jesus was a vegetarian, struggling hard to interpret Luke 24, where the disciples give the risen Jesus a piece of fish and he eats it.


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