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Stormy weather prayer

Thomas Weitzel has written prayers and liturgies for unique circumstances for years. So when Bishop William Trexler, Florida-Bahamas Synod, asked the Fort Petersburg pastor to write a liturgy for hurricane season, Weitzel picked up his pen and went to work.

He realized most of the material also is applicable for tornado alley. You can find Prayer Book for Hurricane and Tornado Seasons at http://members.aol.com/TLWeitzel.

The prayer book covers everything that might occur during storm season:

* Exhortation and litany for the beginning of the storm season.

* Prayers at the anticipation of a hurricane.

* Thanksgiving after a storm passes.

* Prayers and a liturgy after a damaging storm; a eucharistic liturgy of lament, prayer and hope when the community or church faces extensive damage.

* Prayers for the end of the season.

Weitzel's site also includes original liturgical resources for many pastoral and congregational circumstances and articles on constructing good worship.

He also invites requests for special worship needs.

"I try to fill in gaps and liturgical needs that come out of grass-roots situations," Weitzel says.

He joyfully fills these gaps. Only recently has the convalescing pastor added a line to his site asking for donations for use of his material.


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