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Update: Lutherans in Entertainment

Two years ago, a conference of directors, producers and others in Hollywood spawned Lutherans in Entertainment, a way for Lutherans to use their skills to make projects that express Christian values.

From that coalition came Starshine Media, a production company that is discussing an agreement with the ELCA to bring the animated show Davey & Goliath back to television.

The ELCA owns the original Davey & Goliath shows, which appear on the Odyssey cable channel.

"[We think] it is going to work and it is going to be very successful," said Don Schroeder (right), co-founder of Starshine who has been a producer for 25 years (October 1999).

"I just came from a meeting at Sony Pictures and they are pretty excited. I can't give you any allusions because it has to go up the ladder, but there is a tremendous amount of excitement there."


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