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'Luther' on tour

Exhibit showcases memorabilia

The life of Martin Luther (1483-1546) continues to be a popular topic for books and movies. A current exhibit of Luther memorabilia facsimiles complements these resources. Sponsored by two German foundations, "Martin Luther: The Reformer" is touring the United States after its July debut at the Lutheran World Federation 10th Assembly in Winnipeg, Canada.

Unusual features such as models of churches and personal effects are included with paintings, illustrations, prints, manuscripts and books. While providing evidence of Luther's obvious theological influence, the exhibit also focuses on his significant role in the development of German language and culture--and, hence, European history.

Here is the tour schedule through 2004:

Oct. 3-26: Roanoke College, Salem, Va.; Oct. 31-Nov. 10: The Luther Institute, Washington, D.C.; Nov. 16-24: Zion Lutheran Church, Baltimore; Dec. 2003-Jan. 2004: First English Lutheran Church, Appleton, Wis.; Jan. 30-Feb. 2: Valparaiso [Ind.] University; March: Concordia Seminary, Fort Wayne, Ind.; April-May-June 10: Luther Bible College, Rockford, Ill.; June 23-Sept. 24: Concordia Seminary, St. Louis; Oct.-Nov.: Goethe Institute, Atlanta.

First ELCA history

High Expectations: Understanding the ELCA's Early Years, 1988-2002 (Augsburg Fortress, 2003) expands our knowledge of more recent Lutheran history. Edgar R. Trexler continues the story of the joining of three predecessor denominations into the ELCA, which he began in Anatomy of a Merger (Augsburg Fortress, 1991). Trexler was editor of The Lutheran (ELCA) from 1988 to 1999.

The merger brought together groups from disparate backgrounds and organizational structures--with both joyful and challenging consequences. New issues arose to dominate conversation. At the same time profound accomplishments accrued, and important worldwide ministry and service grew. Trexler distills a compelling story from complex historical elements.


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