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What should congregations do during campaign season?

Host a Bible study on the connection between Christian faith and citizenship.

Pray for all elected leaders, candidates and voters before election day.

Encourage or organize unbiased voter registration and participation. Provide voter registration forms for new members and absentee ballots for shut-ins, college students and military personnel. Provide transportation to polling places and day care for voters' children.

Offer the church building as a polling site.

Develop a broad list of issues — showing no bias for or against any party — as a basis for evaluating candidates' vi ews.

Gather the opinions of all candidates for a particular office on those issues, either thorugh fairly worded candidate questionnaires or a neutral candidates' forum.

Read, listen to and view candidates' campai gn material and analyses from a broad range of sources.

But never should a congregation:

Endorse or oppose candidates or parties — even indirectly through sermons, church newsletters or sample ballots.

Contribute money, time, space or mailing lists to any cadidate or party.

Distribute or display campaign literature.


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