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Enough is enough

Give generously to hunger relief

Years ago during a news conference, a religious leader returning to the United States from a war-torn country was asked for his response to the death and destruction he had witnessed. After a long pause, he gave a one-word response: "Enough."

Like many of you, I know statistics about hunger. I have heard and read the moving stories of people who live daily with the reality of hunger and its related diseases. I know that even people with jobs are joining the ranks of those turning to U.S. food shelves.

I know enough about hunger to raise my voice and join you and countless others in crying out enough. Understandable explanations for hunger may exist, but they can't become acceptable excuses. Enough of failed food distribution services. Enough of the gridlock in nations' attempts to agree on agricultural subsidies. Enough of hunger in a world of abundance.

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