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Donations give Salvadorans a leg up

In April The Lutheran ran a story about Wings of Calvary, a program developed by Warren Miller, a member of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Saratoga, Calif., and two colleagues. The project has provided 3,000 Salvadoran men, women and children with artificial limbs, mostly legs, to replace those lost through land mine explosions.

The response to that story has been overwhelming. In the two months following the article, Wings Of Calvary received more than $16,000 in individual and corporate donations.

Each leg costs $400. The group travels to El Salvador three times a year to fit the artificial limbs, and about $20,000 is needed to finance each trip.

For more information about the program write:

Wings of Calvary
Roy Snelson
22730 Timbertop Lane
Diamond Bar, CA 91765
Phone: (909) 860-5323
Fax: (909) 860-7798


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