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Drumming up funding

In less than a week, Grace Lutheran Church and its rural West Point, Neb., community raised nearly $60,000 to bring the family of Titus Negebeh (center), intern pastor, from war-torn Sierra Leone to Nebraska.

Many in the community knew Negebeh, 46, as a drum musician who played for worship services. Many, like Dolores Wimmer, a member of Grace, wanted to see a family reunited. "This is the way we live — as families," she said. "Our hearts ached for Titus being separated from his."

Denied visas because they couldn't prove they'd return home, the family waits in Gambia. But Titus knows he'll return. "I have a dream for my church," he said. "My ministry will work with programs in the church helping [people become self-sufficient] and telling them, 'Yes, God loves you.' "


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