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Leaders are different

Church lay leaders differ from other church members, according to a study of 1,002 adults by the Barna Research Group in Ventura, Calif. The survey defines lay leaders as "individuals who indicated that they had served in some type of leadership position at their church during the past year or two."

The study says lay leaders are four times as likely as nonleaders to:

* Volunteer their free time.

* Attend Sunday school.

* Participate in a faith-related small group during the week.

Lay leaders also are more likely to pray or have personal devotional time during the week.

Twice as many lay leaders (96 percent) as others (48 percent) had donated money to their church within the last year. Lay leaders gave an average of $2,375 to their church per year, while other givers averaged $604. Giving in the ELCA averages $1,089 per member per year.


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